Dartmoor should not be this hot!

Chagford is on the fringes of the Dartmoor National Park, and today took us into the park for some sightseeing.  Apparently sightseeing is another way of saying “doing around 11,000 steps up and down hills and through squelchy bogs”.  But we had a good time. I took my filters with me, and my new(ish) lightweight tripod, so I had to make sure there was some running water for a long exposure.  The views were amazing from the high moor, though there was not a cloud in the sky, so the light was very harsh from a photographic viewpoint.

Fortunately we were well prepared for the heat and the sun. We had bottles of water and sun cream.  Both of these were left safely in the car, so that my face was forced to adopt the colour of a stop light. At the end of the walk (or the beginning, depending on how you looked at it.  End in terms of time. Beginning in terms of physical location) was a clapped out bridge. Sorry – a Clapper bridge, dating from the 13th Century and built to enable the carriage of tin to nearby Tavistock.


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