Only been and gone and done it

I am not quite sure how it happened, maybe subliminal hypnosis on my part.  Friday evening we were discussing that I was going to go to the Photography show on Saturday, “I am not even going to look at the EM1 Mark 2, it will only upset me”, I said. I am just getting a bag and some gloves.  Why, how much is it?” says Julie. When I told her she replied “well just get it then, have it as a retirement present”.  Seriously?  But I guess when a top of the range Nikon costs around 5 0r 6 grand, and this is less than 2000, it was a pleasant surprise.

So off I trot to the show.  “Any deals on the EM1 Mark 2 for the show?” I asked nervously,expecting a small discount. Not a small discount at all. £150 off the body, and buy a spare battery and get a battery pack (worth nearly £300) and a limited edition leather Gilles bag (also worth nearly £300).  Um….. well…. YES!

So now I have to update the kit section and try and wipe this stupid grin off my face.  Following photo is one of the first from the upcoming hundreds… Same cat, darker room, ISO 1600 and 1/5 second handheld



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